Baby Massage Teacher Training Courses and Classes

Baby Massage Online Classes for Mothers and Babies/fathers/partners and Online Baby Massage teacher training courses for all those Practitioners working with mothers and babies.


Peter Walker is widely respected and well-known as a teacher of Developmental Baby Massage. Peter has over 40 years experience in giving mother and baby massage groups. His certificated teacher training courses for Developmental Baby Massage are enjoyed by health visitors, nursery nurses, midwives, massage and many other therapists working with mothers and babies. These teacher training courses attract professionals from all around the world; Peter supports the parent-child relationship and the well-being of mothers and babies.

Peter specialises in working one to one with mothers whose babies suffer from Developmental Delay (see Skype clinic).

Peter has developed his unique techniques employing massage and movement since the 1980s. This followed an extensive period of time studying Iyengar Yoga and experiential anatomy with his friend and teacher Arthur Balaskas. During this time Peter also worked for some ten years under the supervision of psychiatrist and author R. D. Laing, introducing yoga and massage into a number of Dr Laing’s therapeutic communities and Turning Point (a support centre for alcoholism and drug addiction). From the mid-eighties, he has taught massage and movement to mothers and babies, with some unique techniques for mothers with babies with developmental delay.

Peter’s original teacher training course was awarded 15 credits towards a level 3 honours degree in Midwifery and Neonatal Nursing by Greenwich University in London. A pioneer of Developmental Baby Massage for babies and children from the 1980s onwards, Peter currently has some twenty thousand teachers in twenty-two different countries now teaching Developmental Baby Massage. All certificated “Developmental Baby Massage” teachers are personally taught and certified by Peter Walker.

Peter has made numerous television appearances and has featured in documentaries and breakfast shows on all the UK’s major channels. He has also given talks on BBC Radio One, Woman’s Radio, Radio Wales and other radio stations and has been featured in articles in Woman, Cosmopolitan, Harpers & Queen, The Telegraph,Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, Japan Times and Australia’s Natural Parenting magazine and many other national publications including most UK ‘mother and baby’ periodicals. His books have sold in over 22 different countries and include:

  • Baby Gymnastics (Massage and Development the First Three Years) Peter Walker & Arthur Balaskas (Unwin Publishers)
  • Baby Relax Peter Walker (Unwin Publishers)
  • Going for Gold Peter Walker & Daley Thompson (8 gold medalist) (Unwin Publishers)
  • Natural Parenting Peter Walker(Gaia Publishers)
  • The Book of Massage Peter Walker (GaiaPublishers)
  • Baby Massage Peter Walker (Piatkus Publishers)
  • Hop, Skip and Jump Peter Walker [Gymnastics for Children] (Carroll and Brown Publishers)
  • Developmental Baby Massage Peter Walker (Carroll and Brown, 3rd reprint, October 2010, special edition) (Octopus Publishers)

Peter has also made the following DVD’s:

  • Massage and Movement: Birth to Three Years
  • Developmental Baby Massage
  • YogaGym for Children
  • Stretching Together
  • A Healing Touch

Peter works in the UK, Europe, South America, Portugal, Prague and Japan.