Baby Massage Teacher Training

Training courses for parent practitioners and health professionals

Course content

1)  A holding reassurance programme

  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence to a Loving Touch
  • Secure Bonding and Attachment
  • Observe babies cues in communication
  • Identify and offer techniques in remedial touch to relieve intra-uterine and birth trauma
  • Offer an easy introduction to ‘tummy time’ and reduce the occurrence of ‘flat head syndrome’ in young babies
    Introduce holding positions, using stroking and gentle stretching prior to massage to relieve physiological flexion, CRANIAL SACRAL TECHNIQUE to release the ‘phrenic nerves’ and free the diaphragm, deepen the breathing rhythm and relieve abdominal tension.

2) Developmental baby massage, eight weeks to standing

The Correct Use of Baby Massage to:

  • Develop circulatory and breathing rhythms
  • Reduce the occurrence of ‘plagiocephaly’
  • An easy introduction to ‘tummy time’ for older babies.
  • Develop muscle strength and joint flexibility
  • Relieve some common infant ailments
  • Common sense anatomy and physiology relative to early infant motor and emotional development
  • Elementary motor delay and correction
  • The Usage of Appropriate Oils
  • ‘Making friends with Gravity’. The correct way to teach sitting and standing
  • Easy to learn massage sequences including singing, kissing, talking and play. A quality and enjoyable learning experience for both parents and their children.

3) High quality resource

Full set of step by step illustrated course notes and post course support for all students.

To qualify for this widely recognised UK / International Teaching Certificate:

Full attendance of two day course with 6 hours home study. (3 Case studies – assistance given if required)