Baby Massage Teacher Training

Training courses for parent practitioners and health professionals

Teacher training

Two-day Certificated Teacher Training in
Developmental Baby Massage

For children’s centre staff, family health professionals and parent practitioners.

Peter is a teacher’s trainer, physical therapist and international author. He has over 40 years’ experience in the delivery of baby massage training, as well as group and one-to-one sessions with mothers, fathers and carers with babies, and babies and children with ‘additional needs’. His experience in physical therapy and yoga underpins the high quality of this programme, with techniques based upon the stages of the baby’s physical and emotional development.

Peter is the leading teacher’s teacher in the UK. Credited with the free teaching of baby massage in NHS centres throughout the UK.

This course is fully accredited by the federation of antenatal educators and independent professional therapists international. The course includes key principles underpinning neuroscience and child development. Empowering parents to form a warm positive relationship with their baby while securing their child’s development from birth to standing.


1 Emotional Intelligence and a Loving Touch / Bonding and Attachment.
Includes Films and Slides

Developing a loving touch, secure holding, and safe tummy time. Promoting overall good reciprocity to facilitate mother-infant bonding and attachment.
Remedial Touch techniques to relieve intra-uterine and difficult birth experience
The Baby Brain (the Enteric) and the Central Nervous Systems
Holding and stroking techniques prior to massage to relieve
physiological flexion and abdominal tension and promote
safe tummy time.
Techniques to release the phrenic nerve and diaphragm and improve respiration.
2 Developmental Baby Massage
8 weeks to Standing
Massage Techniques and strokes are demonstrated to parents using a teachers doll, with emphasis on loving touch, and responding to baby’s cues and communication.
Infant Development
Nature’s Milestones, Joint Flexibility, Muscular Strength
and Coordination Improving circulatory, respiratory rhythms, back strength and overall muscle tone.
3 Infant Balance and Good Posture
Primary preparation for sitting and
standing using gravity assisted techniques
for stronger structural foundations
First Sitting Position to Second Sitting position.
Second Sitting Position to Third Sitting Position
Third Sitting / Squatting Crawling and Standing
Standing and Walking
4 Therapeutic Play to Relieve
Stiff and Floppy Baby Syndromes
Includes Filmed Case Studies and Slides

Early Intervention and Physical Enablement.
Mind –Motivation and Movement Cranial Neuroplasticity
and Centralised Movement.
Remedial Touch Massage and Movement to relieve stiffness
Babies Gaining and Regaining Head Control,
Subduing the Moro / Hyperekplexia Reflexes
Flexibility Strength and Coordination
Gaining / Re gaining Arm and Hand Control
Back and Core Strength
Upright Posture and Mobility
5 Contra-Indications, Safety,
correct baby massage oils and usage.
6 Convening and Teaching
one to one and groups
High-quality learning aids;
Including Filmed Case Studies and Slides
And resources; A copy of Peter Walker’s international best selling book ‘Developmental Baby Massage’ for all delegates. Plus latest course notes for all delegates and session notes for parents.
Bi-monthly newsletter and Post-course  support for all teachers
In-House Teacher Training is given throughout the UK and abroad.
Remaining dates for 2018
Small groups available Plymouth
Tokyo 21st/22nd/23rd September 2018
Friern Barnet Nth London
4th and 5th October 2018
Wales 29th and 30th October 2018
Bristol 8th/9th November 2018
London 12th/13th November 2018
Portugal 29th/30th November 1st December
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One Day Developmental Baby Massage Teaching Update
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